Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, DDS, MSD

Spear Education Resident Faculty
Private Practice - Mexico City



Dr. Ricardo Mitrani, DDS 


 "I have been battling dental disease for almost 40 years.
We all know that our work requires a team effort.
Part of that team is the support we get from our laboratory partners.
Having the best team requires the best players.
Arian Deutsch is a valuable member of our team.
He makes us look great by providing us with amazing prosthetics.
Thanks Arian"

Dr Jeffrey Hoos, DMD
Private Practice - Stratford, CT


"In 36 years of practice, a general practitioner can have numerous experiences partnering with a laboratory team to fabricate removable treatment options for the practice. I get the absolute honor and pleasure to work with the very best of our technician brethren for my practices’ fixed and removable needs, and for that I am forever grateful. However, the day that our practice began teaming up with Deutsch Lab for our removable prosthodontics was amazingly epic. As anyone can see from the images of Arian and Muriel’s work, the esthetics of their prostheses is incredible and outstanding, and I can testify that it doesn’t just happen once in a while, it is an always occurrence. But, what is most amazing for me as a practitioner, is the meticulous handing and precision of that beautiful, removable artistry!  The fit of the prostheses is incredible and makes “seat appointments” a joy for me, my staff and my patients. I cannot recommend them enough if you are a practice that has a need, or desire for high-end removable and implant-supported prostheses."


Michael Sesemann, DDS   

Private Practice - Omaha, NE