Welcome to our New 'Off Topic' Page!

 We hope you enjoy our new 'Off Topic' page. We created this page to add some variety to our website, and share with you some of the interesting places and people we have had the pleasure of visiting and meeting over the years. We have found just as in the dental field, in most industries there are craftspeople... artisans who have developed their skills and elevated them to higher level. This always takes time and a great deal of effort, along with natural ability. With the advent of new technologies in most industries, it is abundantly evident that there will always be a demand for high quality, handmade products. As industry commercialization continues to expand, the chasm between high end, handmade products and mass-produced, generic products grows ever greater.

 In the dental laboratory industry we feel that there is a need for balance. Technology in the hands of an artisan can make us more efficient, more productive while maintaining a high level of quality. But to abandon the basics and completely rely on technology to solve complex cases, or to train individuals who do not yet possess a thorough knowledge of dental materials and the stomatognathic system, will always lead to results that are less than desirable. For most patients, this is unacceptable, especially when it comes to the individual nature of a person's smile.

 We dedicate our new 'Off Topic' page both to the artisans who create, and to the clientele who appreciate them!


LD&CO. Denim Lab, Phoenix, AZ

  In our first edition of 'Off Topic' we wanted to share with you a recent experience we had visiting a local artisan in downtown Phoenix, Arizona. LD & Co. Denim Lab opened it's doors in October 2013, and is Arizona's first denim manufacturer, and have the largest collection of vintage World War II era denim sewing machines in the southwest, and X-3 vintage draper looms (background photo above) that have been used to make quality products for over one hundred years.

Roman Acevedo (right) founder of LD&CO. Denim Lab at 15 E Jackson St #111, Phoenix, AZ

What is Selvedge Denim?

 “Selvedge” is the finished edge around the fabric which can only be made on antique shuttle looms. Selvedge finish is a rare trait among mass-produced denim because it is more expensive to manufacture. Selvedge, just like the denim it accompanies, varies in color. Some selvedge color combinations are considered very rare, and are only produced in a certain quantity. Denim enthusiasts will recognize these denims and their selvedge details as collectors items, and spend a good deal of money to add them to their wardrobe. Most manufactures operate by using cheap materials--making massive rolls of denim that they later cut to size. Selvedge denim is the opposite. It is made by a continuous horizontal “weft” thread that is never cut, giving the denim a uniform edge and durable quality. Only a few of the historic looms that make this sort of denim are actually still in production. Lawless currently has fourteen of these looms in possession. 

 The type of denim described above is “raw,” because it is unwashed and sanforized to minimize shrinkage. Selvedge denim is pristine and has the unique ability to conform to your body over time.

World War II Era Denim Sewing Machine at LD&CO. Denim Lab, Phoenix, AZ.

What LD&CO. Denim does is important, and here is WHY. 

 According to the Economic Policy Institute, America is losing half a million jobs to China every year. The United States has lost a staggering 32 percent of its manufacturing jobs since the year 2000. We are passionate about denim and leather, but even more passionate about putting people to work. When the recession hit, Roman Acevedo (founder and CEO of LD&CO.) lost 75 percent of his work force in a previous company. It was hard to endure. It was even harder for him to tell the people who had been with him for over 6 years that they no longer had jobs. Then, he decided to make a change.

 Roman pursued job creation through clothing manufacturing, but not just any type of clothing. He envisioned building a business on something he has loved since childhood and has its roots here in the USA: denim. For the past year, LD&CO. has been making premium selvedge jeans & other durable goods.

Custom, Handmade Options

 At LD&CO. Denim, you can choose the specific selvedge denim you want, the hardware, the stitching, denim tagging, and what type of fit ( straight leg, slim straight, slim taper, boot cut, etc.) you desire.

 Next time you're in the Phoenix area, do yourself a favor and stop by LD&CO. Denim Lab and see how Denim should be done.