The Deutsch Removable Bridge®

  Zirconia and Galvano Gold give you a simple elegant telescopic solution which is shared implant / tissue borne, highly retentive, and long lasting.


Marius Bridge

  The only accredited laboratory provider of the Marius Bridge in the southwest United States since 2009, Deutsch Dental Arts provides this specialty implant solution for patients with discriminating taste who are desiring a fixed solution with the added benefit of being patient removable with a specialized key. 25 year warranty on primary bar and superstructure.



  Our CAD/CAM Titanium and Zirconia bars are superlative and carry a 25 year warranty because of our unique partnership with the most innovative, and cutting edge milling center known. Due to this exclusive partnership, we can provide your patients with unparalleled proprietary technologies, such as silicoating and MK1 double structures.

  We have also mastered immediate load and AO4 concepts over many varieties of implants. Please inquire about our immediate load and on-site surgical support and temporary conversion services for all of your AO4, Diem, and immediate load cases.